What is the Five-Day Meat Test?

Bariatric surgery patients who’ve fallen off the proverbial wagon of good eating habits may be tempted to try a “fast fix” that will get them losing weight again.


A popular one is the “Five Day Pouch Test,” which directs patients to follow a particular regimen. This allegedly “resets” one’s pouch (or sleeve) by returning to the eating plan patients follow immediately after surgery.

  • Two days of liquids only
  • One day of “soft” protein
  • One day of “firm” protein
  • One day of “solid” protein

What’s the problem with this?

A “pouch test” encourages a short-term mindset, just like so many diets many people tried before surgery. If you slip on established habits, you can take advantage of a (supposed) quick fix that will magically solve all of your problems.


It’s not that easy.

Instead, a patient can make a deliberate, full-on return to appropriate, long-term eating habits right out of the gate. This includes:

  • Dense protein
  • Low calories
  • Few carbs

What’s the best way to do that? Meat. Lots of meat. Maybe even NOTHING but meat.


This isn’t so much a fad diet, as it is a way to force yourself to get back on track with the habits we should maintain for a lifetime. Is it extreme? Maybe. But sometimes it’s what we need to get our heads back in the proverbial game when we’ve fallen off the bandwagon of appropriate eating.

Start with five days, keep going for a lifetime. Take the Five Day Meat Test, remind yourself of healthy habits, get back on track, and STAY back on track.