Testimonials & Results

My eating habits went way off track after I had my baby. Carbs carbs carbs, no wonder the scale wasn’t moving! Several days of meat, with carbs just Not An Option in my mind, I had an easier time staying on track and lost a pound. It was easy and delicious, and reminded me of the habits I need to maintain for the rest of my life. And since it doesn’t take much planning, I can keep this up forever!

– Julie R.


Carbs are my Kryptonite! The more I eat, the more I crave them. I have tried the 5 Day Meat Test, and it really helped me reset from the nasty carb craving cycle. Going full liquid for any length of time is an exercise in futility for me, I hate it and have a very hard time sticking to it. Why put myself through all of that when I can eat my dense protein and feel full and satisfied? Meat and cheese are delicious, filling AND easy to stick with. If you are struggling to reset, I highly recommend trying the 5 Day Meat Test!

– Deanna K.


I’m a total sweet addict. I was popping these little peanut butter candies in my mouth like tic tacs. It started a total downward spiral into pigging out on nut butters, 2 tablespoons?, nonsense!, I could do way more than that & my weight started to show it.

I knew I had to reset, but no way was I doing all liquids. I knew a fad never gives good long term results, but re embracing the lifestyle change of putting dense protein first got me over my candy sweet tooth & am back on track again. Meat & cheese, luv it!

– T Brown


The Five-Day Meat Test has been the kick in the pants I needed. My carb cravings are gone, and I don’t have those midafternoon slumps.

I’ve been enjoying things like ribeye, bacon-wrapped chicken, and tender pot roast. It’s been great. I recommend it for anyone who has experienced carb creep.

– Kate


The Five Day Meat Test was an eye-opener for me. I was able to take it on the road when I had to travel the first two days- jerky, hard boiled eggs…I made it work. By Day 3 all my carb cravings were gone and my hunger was back under control.

I didn’t have to do anything fancy or torturous. I got back on track after a vacation and a four pound weight gain by getting back to basics. A Protein forward diet with protein at every meal and snack. Dense Protein as much as possible.  In my 5 days, I lost the 4 pound regain and an additional two.

I feel like I have another tool in my Toolbelt – The Five Day Meat Test!

– Cynthia


Since I moved into my own place about two weeks ago, I started back on the program, but was still having problems with carbs. So last week I put on my big girl panties and went All Meat. Today I had my monthly doctor’s appointment…. and the scale showed an 18 pound loss. Yes, you read that right. 18 pounds.

And guess what. My restriction is still working two years post-op. It works when you eat dense protein; does not work when eating high crabs like bread, cereal, etc. So no need for any “revision” surgery.

So, I continue on eating my meats, along with cheese and eggs. I’m hoping to reach Onederland by the end of the Summer.

– Mary Gee

Did the Five Day Meat Test work for you? Let us know in the comments and we’ll feature your story!


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